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The World of the future is a World of full automatization where almost all tasks are performed by robots and AI. In this World and for the first time in history people don’t need to think about a job because they have enough time for self expression, development, creation and communication. Anyone is able to earn a worthy reward as a result of these activities, just not due precisely to the number of hours spent in the office. Our mission is speed up these changes and help society safely reach a new level of prosperity.

We follow our mission
via such activities:

  • Help high-tech companies

    find their audience and share values. We create a high quality marketing support for new projects

  • Education

    We share knowledge and are happy to contribute in open sourсe projects

  • Analytics

    We monitor the positive and negative applications of technologies, warn of threats

  • Experimenting

    with new forms of cooperation, marketing activities, relationships with humans and robots, creating new tech applications and much more

  • Social responsibility

    The future may not come if we are not ready to help people today

  • Make our team happy

    because if you can’t make your team happy how do you propose to change the World?



    we believe in open code and a transparent economy


    expand the boundaries of the known and create the future today


    share your knowledge and help others develop their potential


    everybody deserves a fair reward for their diligence


    world is changing, you should change faster than it

Our HR principles:

  1. We don’t find employees - we find partners, who share our values

  2. Your growth is limited only by your desires

  3. Professionals like to work with professionals. Be one of them

  4. Money is not a goal, but it’s a good accelerator to reach it. Reward always should be fair

  5. Your job should be interesting and motivate you to develop. If not - it’s not your job

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